Point of Sale


Advanced Modifiers

Our system is extremely flexible and allows even the most complex menu items to be configured.


The most common modifier that you will use for menu items. Its very simple to setup sizes for each of your menu items with different prices attached to each.


Adding extra toppings to your pizza or fillings to your burger or sandwich has never been so simple. Prices can be attached to these extra ingredients so you don't forget to charge for them.

Sensible Defaults

No one wants to click more button or read more information than they need to, thats just not simple. You can easily set defaults that are checked on automatically. Default modifiers are not printed on the kitchen docket.


Assign menu categories to individual printers.
For example, print all coffee item to the coffee printer and all pizzas to the pizza printer.

Clear & Relevant

Printed dockets are the primary source of information when preparing the food in the kitchen. We work with you to ensure only the most relevant information is displayed. This ensures all your staff can clearly understand what is required, resulting in less questions and mistakes.

Table Management

Assign Tables

We make assigning and retrieving table orders extremely quick and simple. Customer can either pay when ordering or get the bill when they have finished their meal.


Real-Time & Instant

Access up to the minute data from your mobile phone, wherever you are. This allows you to keep your finger on the pulse to ensure your restaurant is performing as expected at all times.

User Access

Track Everything

Give each staff member his or her own unique PIN. All orders, discounts and transactions are linked to a staff member. The staff member who took the order is automatically printed on the kitchen dockets so any questions can be directed to the correct person.

Cash In/Out

Paper Trail

Create a paper trail of all cash in and out of the cash register. This allows you to generate an accurate Z report at the end of the day. Your POS system should accurately reflect what cash is in your till at any time of the day.

Xero Integration

Accounting Made Simple

Xero is the leading cloud based accounting software. OrderHub integrates with Xero to allow automatic syncing of end of day takings.

Online Ordering

Seamless Integration

Online ordering is built directly into the POS system, which means changes to the POS menu are instantly synced to your online ordering menu. Sold out of a particular item or need to add a daily special? No problem, making the change is simple.