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Your Brand

The average person checks their phone over 100 times per day!

Be seen, be front of mind and receive more orders. Don’t be buried deep inside a busy directory style app.

Let your brand be seen.


Your Customers

“Thanks John”. Isn’t it nice to be referred to by your name? Every time a customer orders, their name is printed on the docket allowing you an opportunity to further strengthen each relationship.

You own the customer data, allowing you to send SMS or email campaigns to keep your customers up to date with your latest news, menu changes and specials.


Flat Monthly Fees

OrderHub charge a flat monthly fee for unlimited orders.

You are encouraged to let the online orders rip, with no burden of being charged a % of every order. Imagine having more than half of your orders processed online? Wouldn’t that save you lot of time and headaches?

Note: Per order credit card processing fees may apply (optional).

Online ordering is increasing

Customers are moving online

Customers are gravitating to the ease and convenience of online more and more. Did you know, 75% of all Dominos pizza orders are made online! Crazy, isn’t it.

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Save Time & Reduce Errors

Save up to 5 minutes per order by not needing to answer the phone. When the order prints in your kitchen, it’s exactly what the customer wants with no chance of communication error.

So Simple

Your customers could order in just 3 taps.

Online ordering is increasing